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Screen Printing Equipment

Screen printing equipment, below here some tools that you must have before you do your own screen printing. As a hobby or small business.

Screen printing equipment prices is cheap. You can do in your own home as hobby, if you are newbie at printing world, screen printing is a great way to start. You can earn some money from this, because the cheap equipment, but you must have a skill to do that, so before you earn some money from screen printing, you must research how to do that.

Basic t shirt screen printing equipment before you start your first printing is :
Image FilmScreenSqueegeeT shirt InkChemicalHair DryerScreen Printing TableLampand Other Additional Items
Image Film for Screen Printing
This image film is different from image film that used for offset printing, the different for dot that film have. Basic print screen you must print that image film by color, for example you can draw france flag with software such as adobe illustrator or corel draw, after that you print it into tra…

Pocket Folder Printing

Pocket Folder Printing. Almost all business or professional need pocket folder as an additional for them. Pocket folder it self, have main function as a document handler. If you come to you client with document, you will need this pocket folder badly.

Linen paper folder, have a standard color in Black, Midnight Blue, Emerald Green and Burgundy. But some printing company also have a custom color for this stuff. Some of them use white linen and block offset printing on it, with different color. Because of that, sometimes there is a different contrast of color from the A Printing company to B Printing company, because they mix the ink by their self.

The standard linen pocket folder, is awesome with hot stamped touch. Feel free to explore more with hot stamp features, you can find your business logo shiny. With gold or silver foil.
Pocket folders it self, have 2 different size by user most common order, that is 9 x 12 inches folders and 9 x 14 inches folders. This is because some people u…

Gift Card Printing

Gift Card Printing by your self at home or give your order to printing company. You can find your need of gift card printing to printing company who able to print your gift card as your specification.
Plastic gift card is more popular now, this replace the old fashion paper gift card. There are some printing company who specialized in this things. So never get wrong company for the best result of your gift card. You also can print your gift card online by ordering them to your trusted online printing company and their will send it to your home.
Your customers have come to expect plastic gift cards from you. Better than paper gift certificate, plastic gift cards are the clear choice over traditional paper gift certificates. These gift cards are a reuseable solution to any gift or loyalty program for your business. Money talks, over the past few years consumers gift card sales have skyrocketed! Your customers are looking to purchase your gift cards.

Matte Look Printing Result

See the book cover when you buy it. Some of book cover have a matte look right? This make books look elegant and expensive look like. But how to make it?

With laminating machine, you can make your printing result matte look. This machine use heat transfer to make paper and plastic stick together. Because of plastic, this print result will water-resist and so hard to tattered. You need laminating machine and plastic (some use opp plastic) for laminated.

The good news, today some manufacturer build desktop laminating machine, this mean you can make your printing result look matte with your own hand.

Need Promotional Product?

Some of printing company, also accept order for promotional product. But not all kind of promotional product they can made. Printing company just print on it, not made it.

For sample case, you're need a printed promotional bags.

First Option :
Go to, bags vendor. Order it. The bags vendor will made the bags you want. And then vendor will go to printing company to print it. After all process finish, you have a printed promotional bags from a vendor.

Second Option :
Go to printing company. Order it. Printing company will order bags from vendor as your specification. After bags finish, printing company will print on it. And you have a printed promotional bags from a printing company.

There is a cooperation between 2 kind of business. One need each other, but as customers you choose which one you like. And compare the price of course.

Printed Umbrellas

Printed Umbrellas with your company name or logo as advertising campaign is a cheap advertising with massive effect. The printing process for umbrella by screen printing method.

If you buy an umbrella, use your screen trough to an open umbrella and print it on. If not, you must disassembly it first. And umbrella canvas can print on your table. Both method need more skill.

The easy one is direct print in your open umbrella rather than dis-assembly it. Dis-assembly umbrella so hard. In my experience, doing that will make canvas torn.

But if you can't do both of it, I think go to a nearest screen printing company is better.

Heat Laminator

There is 2 kind of laminator machine, first is heat laminator. Heat laminator use heat to make plastic film and paper stick together with thickness up to 32 micron. This kind of laminating machine is used more than cold laminator in offset printing. Heat laminator can cover almost all paper kind with thickness more than 80gsm.
Heat laminator manufactured in many size of width. You choose which one is the best laminating machine.

Document Laminator

Document laminator is a laminating machine that used for document, this is a small laminating machine. If you buy a laminating machine for your document, you must keep the width of document laminator machine as small as possible. This tips really help you, just because the larger size of document laminator doesn't help you, larger size mean larger problem.
Based some review of people who use document laminator at their home or office, they said :

1. I choose this laminating machine because it is so wide and because it advertised it could laminate 7 mil. The truth is at 5 mil you have to run the item twice and it still sometimes doesn't completely laminate if the item is at all thick (cardstock or photos).
2. Have used this 5x, the first 3x no problems and than it began to eat my documents.
Which was very frustrating, and it smokes. The last straw was when it ate my Flat Pepper, and in frustration, I had to take the machine apart in order to get it out. Easy to take apart and …

Laminator Warehouse, Business Opportunities

Where is Laminator Warehouse? I'm very deep stess searching for this place. As you know, small printing business owner now is looking for laminator machine. This mean a good chance for me to be a laminator machine seller. With profit about 25% - 200% per sales, just a stupid person who missing this opportunities. And as a distributor or seller, I need a cheap laminating machine price to sell it again.
First move, I'm search to printing machine supplier to buy there, but they don't have this stuff. Call my business partner, and still get nothing. So if you know about where is laminator warehouse, please give me an information.

Small Laminating Machine

Small Laminating Machine is a good choice for you, if you often using lamination to your printing result. Small laminating machine wide is 33 cm, full desktop features, save your space with this type of laminating machine.
Features of small laminating machine can heat up to 200 degrees celcius, from 0-200 degrees celcius need time about 5-8 minutes. This machine use a rubber roll to handle press the paper and plastic film together with heat.
Small laminating machine is sheet feed. This mean, if you buy a roll film, you must cut that plastic film to sheet with 33cm wide. If you buy a sheet film, this machine fit to it.
So, if you're often to laminate over photos, cards or other with media width less than 33 cm, this small laminating machine is the answer for you.

Postage Machines

Postage machines or postage meters is a usps approved mailing machine. Function of this postage machines is for printing usps postage directly on a mail piece, such as an envelope. Range of postage machines is from large high production mail shop machine to small desktop device for occasional mailing.
One of digital postage system machine is optimail, who offer customers with features of fully digital, 100% usps-compliant, memory for 9 advertisement, automatic date setting, digital scale interface, semi-automatic feeding, postage resseting via fp teleset, 9 departmental account, incoming time/date stamp. This is a kind of desktop postage machine device.

The optimal digital postage meter system from fp not looks sleek, it is the ideal solution for your office mailing need. Robust features like thermal printing and superior electronics make the optimail a necessary tool to help you save time and money. With speed of up to 27 pieces per minute, you'll enjoy the experience!
Why not ju…

Lamination Machines

Lamination Machines used to laminate printed paper with matte film or glossy film to make an effect and give the printed paper strong and glamor looks. Laminating machine is a additional machines for printing company, this machine is just a plus value, except for someone who concentrate in laminating business.
Manufacturer of this machine give their customer a choice of laminating machine size. This size offer for this machine is A4 size, A3 size, 36 cm size, 54 cm size, 60 cm size, 72 cm size, 90 cm size, and 1020 cm size. That size is width of lamination area. Customers can choose which size fit to them.
There is 2 kind of lamination machine based on how they work. First is hot lamination machine, who works with heat to make film stick to paper. And cold lamination machines, this kind usually used with wide format printer to laminate over a digital print result on vinyl sticker or glossy photo paper.
If you still guessing what the different between laminated and no laminated paper, …

Card Laminating Machine

Card Laminating Machine or id card laminator is a small lamination machine specially used for making id card or other card. This machine is easy to use. Width size of this machine is usually small.
If you search for card laminating machine, and only use to laminated standard size card, i recommend to you to buy lamination machine with max size is A4.
Why small machine? Because, you can get more profit with less power, less price, less time - small lamination machine is faster than larger to heat up. And if your machine need new parts, the cost of parts replacement is low.
Card laminating machine, that i used can reach 200oC in 2 minutes, the power is 500 watts. But id card laminator type of card laminating machine just use rubber roll, without stainless steel roller, this make this machine and operator work hard to laminated thick paper. That's mean if you buy card laminating machine, you can only use that machine for instant id card production process.

Online Letterhead Printing

Not a new issue, online letterhead printing almost same method with other online product printing. The great benefit of this for customer. Customers can choose from online printing company they like, customers can compare price and service of online letterhead printing company. But because of customers never get in to the company in real. The possibility of fraud is higher than offline letterhead printing.
And customers must pay for shipping fee too.

Digital Photo Printing Prices

This is not a guide for all of you. But if you life near me, this digital photo printing prices is a great guide for you if you want to print something.
Digital Photo Printing Prices | ( Paper : Artpaper or Artcartoon Photo Quality up to 260gsm, Size : max. a3)
print quantity 1 - 50 pcs = $ 0.95 per pcs
51 - 100 pcs = $ 0.55 per pcs
more than 100 pcs = $ 0.35 per pcs
add on price such as matte lamination or glossy lamination is negotiable.
This price rates is much cheaper than offset printing, if you print quantity just a few pieces.
If your print quantity is high, i recommend to you to use offset printing method.

Professional Digital Photo Printer

You want to print a digital photo with professional result? Forget your desktop printer, you never get a professional touch of digital photo by that kind of printer. What you should do is get a new digital printer who have a good quality to do that.
No all kind of printer can do that, printer company manufacture few kind of printer based customers need. Professional digital photo printer is a must for you who run digital photo printing business. The features of it such as bright result and high resolution and long lasting printing result. If you're use desktop printer, you will get a bright if you edit that photos first, no high resolution result and no long lasting image because the ink type for desktop printer and professional digital photo printer is different.
Image result of professional digital photo printer will have a great ability to survive from any condition, the paper is hard to break and ink never leave the photo paper. This kind of printer is the right choice for you…

Overnight Prints

Wow, amazing overnight prints not really mean printing overnight. Overnight prints is a printing company that give you a printing solution. You can search for overnight at google.
Overnight prints offer printing solution for you likes other printing company, such as business cards printing, postcard, greeting cards, back cards, bookmarks, brochures, posters, letterhead for your company or business name, envelopes and other product. But why i post about overnight prints.
If you don't know, they are offer a discount for your printing need. The huge discount up to 50%. Amazing, imagine how you can save your budget from this coupon promotion.
From overnight prints review at some blog, i find they are a professional company with good quality. People impress with they professionalism. So, if you need to print some product now, you can save more by looking for discount coupon of overnight prints, order to them, get the good quality of printing. Both happy right?

Business Cards, Quantity Business

No one don't know this printing company product, business cards. If you're work at printing company, sometimes business cards printing is just a additional product for you. But if you dig it deeper, you will get huge profit from this product. Business cards printing is a minor if you are not focus on this product. Now try to focus on it. Almost every single people need business cards. Whatever they are a business man, entrepreneur, technician, employee or other job type. They are need business card.
Huge number of people who need business cards mean huge profit from there. Yes you got just a few dollar or maybe few cent from it. But if you get more customers you will get more dollars inside your pocket or bank account. From my source, a box of full color business cards contain about 100pcs of cards price is about $10. With $7 for production cost, you have $3 as your profit. Now, think about number of people who need business cards. You can equal it by yourself. The number of p…

Photo Calendar Printing

Hei, 2011 is coming, 2010 calendar almost go to trash can, this is the right time to design your photo calendar and print it. If you have a digital printer, you can make your own photo calendar or custom printed calendar as you like. What if you are don't have digital printer and just have a desktop printer? You also can use desktop printer to printing your photo / custom printed calendar. But as you know the quality of desktop printer not as good as digital printer.
Solution for you, if you want a long lasting and supreme quality of your calendar, because you are use calendar for a whole year, you can design it by your self, or you can pay someone to design it for you, or you can ask someone to help you with that. And after that custom / photo calendar design is ready, you can go to nearest printing company, and print your photo calendar there.