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Online Letterhead Printing

Not a new issue, online letterhead printing almost same method with other online product printing. The great benefit of this for customer. Customers can choose from online printing company they like, customers can compare price and service of online letterhead printing company. But because of customers never get in to the company in real. The possibility of fraud is higher than offline letterhead printing.
And customers must pay for shipping fee too.

Digital Photo Printing Prices

This is not a guide for all of you. But if you life near me, this digital photo printing prices is a great guide for you if you want to print something.
Digital Photo Printing Prices | ( Paper : Artpaper or Artcartoon Photo Quality up to 260gsm, Size : max. a3)
print quantity 1 - 50 pcs = $ 0.95 per pcs
51 - 100 pcs = $ 0.55 per pcs
more than 100 pcs = $ 0.35 per pcs
add on price such as matte lamination or glossy lamination is negotiable.
This price rates is much cheaper than offset printing, if you print quantity just a few pieces.
If your print quantity is high, i recommend to you to use offset printing method.

Professional Digital Photo Printer

You want to print a digital photo with professional result? Forget your desktop printer, you never get a professional touch of digital photo by that kind of printer. What you should do is get a new digital printer who have a good quality to do that.
No all kind of printer can do that, printer company manufacture few kind of printer based customers need. Professional digital photo printer is a must for you who run digital photo printing business. The features of it such as bright result and high resolution and long lasting printing result. If you're use desktop printer, you will get a bright if you edit that photos first, no high resolution result and no long lasting image because the ink type for desktop printer and professional digital photo printer is different.
Image result of professional digital photo printer will have a great ability to survive from any condition, the paper is hard to break and ink never leave the photo paper. This kind of printer is the right choice for you…

Overnight Prints

Wow, amazing overnight prints not really mean printing overnight. Overnight prints is a printing company that give you a printing solution. You can search for overnight at google.
Overnight prints offer printing solution for you likes other printing company, such as business cards printing, postcard, greeting cards, back cards, bookmarks, brochures, posters, letterhead for your company or business name, envelopes and other product. But why i post about overnight prints.
If you don't know, they are offer a discount for your printing need. The huge discount up to 50%. Amazing, imagine how you can save your budget from this coupon promotion.
From overnight prints review at some blog, i find they are a professional company with good quality. People impress with they professionalism. So, if you need to print some product now, you can save more by looking for discount coupon of overnight prints, order to them, get the good quality of printing. Both happy right?

Business Cards, Quantity Business

No one don't know this printing company product, business cards. If you're work at printing company, sometimes business cards printing is just a additional product for you. But if you dig it deeper, you will get huge profit from this product. Business cards printing is a minor if you are not focus on this product. Now try to focus on it. Almost every single people need business cards. Whatever they are a business man, entrepreneur, technician, employee or other job type. They are need business card.
Huge number of people who need business cards mean huge profit from there. Yes you got just a few dollar or maybe few cent from it. But if you get more customers you will get more dollars inside your pocket or bank account. From my source, a box of full color business cards contain about 100pcs of cards price is about $10. With $7 for production cost, you have $3 as your profit. Now, think about number of people who need business cards. You can equal it by yourself. The number of p…

Photo Calendar Printing

Hei, 2011 is coming, 2010 calendar almost go to trash can, this is the right time to design your photo calendar and print it. If you have a digital printer, you can make your own photo calendar or custom printed calendar as you like. What if you are don't have digital printer and just have a desktop printer? You also can use desktop printer to printing your photo / custom printed calendar. But as you know the quality of desktop printer not as good as digital printer.
Solution for you, if you want a long lasting and supreme quality of your calendar, because you are use calendar for a whole year, you can design it by your self, or you can pay someone to design it for you, or you can ask someone to help you with that. And after that custom / photo calendar design is ready, you can go to nearest printing company, and print your photo calendar there.