Card Laminating Machine

Card Laminating Machine or id card laminator is a small lamination machine specially used for making id card or other card. This machine is easy to use. Width size of this machine is usually small.
If you search for card laminating machine, and only use to laminated standard size card, i recommend to you to buy lamination machine with max size is A4.
Why small machine? Because, you can get more profit with less power, less price, less time - small lamination machine is faster than larger to heat up. And if your machine need new parts, the cost of parts replacement is low.
Card laminating machine, that i used can reach 200oC in 2 minutes, the power is 500 watts. But id card laminator type of card laminating machine just use rubber roll, without stainless steel roller, this make this machine and operator work hard to laminated thick paper. That's mean if you buy card laminating machine, you can only use that machine for instant id card production process.


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