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Small Laminating Machine

Small Laminating Machine is a good choice for you, if you often using lamination to your printing result. Small laminating machine wide is 33 cm, full desktop features, save your space with this type of laminating machine.
Features of small laminating machine can heat up to 200 degrees celcius, from 0-200 degrees celcius need time about 5-8 minutes. This machine use a rubber roll to handle press the paper and plastic film together with heat.
Small laminating machine is sheet feed. This mean, if you buy a roll film, you must cut that plastic film to sheet with 33cm wide. If you buy a sheet film, this machine fit to it.
So, if you're often to laminate over photos, cards or other with media width less than 33 cm, this small laminating machine is the answer for you.


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Anti Scan / Anti Copy Pattern

Anti Scan / Anti Copy Pattern
Printed security features integrated in the background printing to protect against simulation through copying.
The printed images and patterns contain embedded (hidden) information that is invisible to the naked eye under normal inspection conditions but becomes visible or legible, or causes flaws (mistakes) to appear after copying or reproduction with a scanner.
Orientation- and angle-modulated fine-line structures (SAM = Screen Angle Modulation)

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Photochromic Ink

Photochromic Ink
Photochromic inks change their colour when exposed to UV light. When the UV light source is removed, the colour change stays for a certain time before the colour reverts to its original state. Examples: Estonia: passport, Malta: passport (since November 2000).

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Screen Printing Equipment

Screen printing equipment, below here some tools that you must have before you do your own screen printing. As a hobby or small business.

Screen printing equipment prices is cheap. You can do in your own home as hobby, if you are newbie at printing world, screen printing is a great way to start. You can earn some money from this, because the cheap equipment, but you must have a skill to do that, so before you earn some money from screen printing, you must research how to do that.

Basic t shirt screen printing equipment before you start your first printing is :
Image FilmScreenSqueegeeT shirt InkChemicalHair DryerScreen Printing TableLampand Other Additional Items
Image Film for Screen Printing
This image film is different from image film that used for offset printing, the different for dot that film have. Basic print screen you must print that image film by color, for example you can draw france flag with software such as adobe illustrator or corel draw, after that you print it into tra…