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Printing Company "Percetakan"

Printing Company also known as "percetakan". (After this I will write printing company as percetakan)
is a company who makes profit from printing service. Percetakan need a huge capital to make big profit. There so many percetakan who not have enough capital get bangkrupt. Big capital use for buy the printing stuff. Because printing stuff is so expensive. Such as printing machine, plate maker, film printer, die-cut machine, and other percetakan stuff.
But big capital makes a big profit too if you can make the percetakan going well. Marketing in percetakan is number one. Even if you don't have percetakan, you still can get order. You can get order from a company or personal for making a invitation card, or letter head and brochure.
Percetakan not a new business as you know, every time you see something there is a percetakan product. Such as newspaper, magazine, book, even your id card. So with the great prospect of percetakan business, so many people join in this business an…