Lenticular Printing and Lenticular 3D

Lenticular 3D means pertaining to lenses, as a lenticule is actually a kind of lens that allows a range of images to be seen by the naked eye at one time. A Lenticular 3D lens is made up of two separate components. The first is a printed image, or a series of printed images. The second is the lens, which feels like a kind of grooved Plexiglas. By looking at the image through the lens, we are able to see more than one image at a time. The contour of the lens allows the eye to concentrate on different aspects of the picture. The image is printed in strips, rather than a whole image in one piece, which allows the 3D effect to emerge.
What is Lenticular 3D? Few people are familiar with the term. Lenticular 3Ds offer a great way to bring images to life. It is a cutting edge technology that is giving companies new ways to promote themselves and their products.

Using lenticular 3D technologies a whole range of 3D graphic effects can be applied to printed images. While 3D graphics were once a concept limited to movie theatres, with specialised printing methods almost any image or surface can had added depth and motion applied.

There are many applications of lenticular 3D graphics. A flip image or flip animation is one of the most popular forms of lenticular 3D images. In this instance two images are combined and then covered with a lens. When the finished product is moved the two images interchange.

A Multi flip animation works in a similar way except that three or more different images are combined. This can be used to achieve many effects; it could be a series of movements, a zoom in on an image or a dramatic change or morph in a single scene.

3D effects can also be achieved through using lenticular 3D graphics. A sense of depth can be given to any picture, making it realistic and eye catching. All the elements of a scene are layered together to give the illusion of space and movement.

Animation and high definition lenticular 3D allows between five and fifteen seconds of imagery to be contained in a postcard sized bit of paper. Can you imaging a direct mail out flyer that contains a video in high definition quality? What a great way to deliver a message to your audience.

This technology is no longer something out of reach to companies looking for creative advertising solutions. It is ready and available for a wide array of uses. Direct mail outs, posters and promotional materials are only the beginning.

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Lenticular printing

Lenticular printing made simple: in simplest terms, lenticular printing combines photography with lithography using two or more images "interlaced" on a camera lens. Offsetting series of images, lenticular artists can create the illusion of motion, the appearance of depth, or a process through which one picture seems to morph into another.

Although apprentices can master the process, any viewer can discern the difference between a beginner's and a master artisan's work, because the master's images are far sharper, more defined, and more completely resolved than a novice. Working with experienced professionals; you are assured of the industry's highest quality lenticular prints.

What can lenticular printing do for you?

You can use lenticular images almost anywhere you would use traditional printing, so that everything from business cards to aisle and end cap signage becomes more effective when it animates in your hand or as you walk by it. Gain impact at the point of sale with lenticular price cards or imprint your brand with buttons, key rings, magnets, and mouse pads. Lining your sidewalls and backdrop with lenticular posters, add life to your booths at exhibitions and trade shows.

Advertisers begin using lenticular process.

Tracing its deepest roots to the 1940s and 1950s, lenticular technology and lenticular printing created CrackerJack prizes and a wide variety of novelty items that seemed to move-winking eyes, smiling faces, and pictures changing from cheery to creepy. Lenticular technology brought advertising into the future by introducing the static billboards that gave the illusion of action sequences. Examples in lenticular advertising began popping up in the mid 1990s with freeway billboards that seem "to follow" motorists as they passed or that changed or altered as viewing angles changed.

Why not add visual interest to your upcoming promotional campaign with lenticular printing? Because technological advances have made lenticular printing easier and more affordable, you now can add depth or motion to your advertising in a manner never before available in short runs. These print promotional products are appealing to your customers' insatiable appetite for all things 3D. In fact, the latest lenticular technology allows you to create short "videos" or stereoscopic images on a variety of products.

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