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Hello all visitor, thanks for visit to our blog. As you know, there are no update since last three year and we don't have any topic to discuss in this world. All has been done. You can find anything you need to know about technique, modified method and tools to make your own company who run in printing business.

And because of that, this is will be the last post for this year.

If you have any question, you can contact us and maybe your question give us more idea to post something in the future.

Thanks once again, and have a nice day.
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Lenticular Printing and Lenticular 3D

Lenticular 3D means pertaining to lenses, as a lenticule is actually a kind of lens that allows a range of images to be seen by the naked eye at one time. A Lenticular 3D lens is made up of two separate components. The first is a printed image, or a series of printed images. The second is the lens, which feels like a kind of grooved Plexiglas. By looking at the image through the lens, we are able to see more than one image at a time. The contour of the lens allows the eye to concentrate on different aspects of the picture. The image is printed in strips, rather than a whole image in one piece, which allows the 3D effect to emerge.
What is Lenticular 3D? Few people are familiar with the term. Lenticular 3Ds offer a great way to bring images to life. It is a cutting edge technology that is giving companies new ways to promote themselves and their products.

Using lenticular 3D technologies a whole range of 3D graphic effects can be applied to printed images. While 3D graphics were once a …

Lenticular printing

Lenticular printing made simple: in simplest terms, lenticular printing combines photography with lithography using two or more images "interlaced" on a camera lens. Offsetting series of images, lenticular artists can create the illusion of motion, the appearance of depth, or a process through which one picture seems to morph into another.

Although apprentices can master the process, any viewer can discern the difference between a beginner's and a master artisan's work, because the master's images are far sharper, more defined, and more completely resolved than a novice. Working with experienced professionals; you are assured of the industry's highest quality lenticular prints.

What can lenticular printing do for you?

You can use lenticular images almost anywhere you would use traditional printing, so that everything from business cards to aisle and end cap signage becomes more effective when it animates in your hand or as you walk by it. Gain impact at the poin…

Cheapest Printing Service For All Printing Products

This is some cheap products from printing company :
Printed Invoices, Envelopes, shopping bag, invitations, cards, notes, brochures, flyers, book, company profiles, annual reports, custom packaging, labels and other.
With large amount of order you will get it all with cheap prices, just remember to order in bulk to printing company, so they will give you a lowest price.

Printing is a large business, and today there are so many people who run this business by their hand. As a printing service company, printing order brokers or anything other.

Screen Printing Equipment

Screen printing equipment, below here some tools that you must have before you do your own screen printing. As a hobby or small business.

Screen printing equipment prices is cheap. You can do in your own home as hobby, if you are newbie at printing world, screen printing is a great way to start. You can earn some money from this, because the cheap equipment, but you must have a skill to do that, so before you earn some money from screen printing, you must research how to do that.

Basic t shirt screen printing equipment before you start your first printing is :
Image FilmScreenSqueegeeT shirt InkChemicalHair DryerScreen Printing TableLampand Other Additional Items
Image Film for Screen Printing
This image film is different from image film that used for offset printing, the different for dot that film have. Basic print screen you must print that image film by color, for example you can draw france flag with software such as adobe illustrator or corel draw, after that you print it into tra…

Pocket Folder Printing

Pocket Folder Printing. Almost all business or professional need pocket folder as an additional for them. Pocket folder it self, have main function as a document handler. If you come to you client with document, you will need this pocket folder badly.

Linen paper folder, have a standard color in Black, Midnight Blue, Emerald Green and Burgundy. But some printing company also have a custom color for this stuff. Some of them use white linen and block offset printing on it, with different color. Because of that, sometimes there is a different contrast of color from the A Printing company to B Printing company, because they mix the ink by their self.

The standard linen pocket folder, is awesome with hot stamped touch. Feel free to explore more with hot stamp features, you can find your business logo shiny. With gold or silver foil.
Pocket folders it self, have 2 different size by user most common order, that is 9 x 12 inches folders and 9 x 14 inches folders. This is because some people u…

Gift Card Printing

Gift Card Printing by your self at home or give your order to printing company. You can find your need of gift card printing to printing company who able to print your gift card as your specification.
Plastic gift card is more popular now, this replace the old fashion paper gift card. There are some printing company who specialized in this things. So never get wrong company for the best result of your gift card. You also can print your gift card online by ordering them to your trusted online printing company and their will send it to your home.
Your customers have come to expect plastic gift cards from you. Better than paper gift certificate, plastic gift cards are the clear choice over traditional paper gift certificates. These gift cards are a reuseable solution to any gift or loyalty program for your business. Money talks, over the past few years consumers gift card sales have skyrocketed! Your customers are looking to purchase your gift cards.