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Pocket Folder Printing

Pocket Folder Printing. Almost all business or professional need pocket folder as an additional for them. Pocket folder it self, have main function as a document handler. If you come to you client with document, you will need this pocket folder badly.

Linen paper folder, have a standard color in Black, Midnight Blue, Emerald Green and Burgundy. But some printing company also have a custom color for this stuff. Some of them use white linen and block offset printing on it, with different color. Because of that, sometimes there is a different contrast of color from the A Printing company to B Printing company, because they mix the ink by their self.

The standard linen pocket folder, is awesome with hot stamped touch. Feel free to explore more with hot stamp features, you can find your business logo shiny. With gold or silver foil.
Pocket folders it self, have 2 different size by user most common order, that is 9 x 12 inches folders and 9 x 14 inches folders. This is because some people use A4 as their standard paper size and some of other use F4 as standard.

You can also order a custom pocket folder for your business. This will make your brand different with other. You can choose which one paper that fit to you, that reflect what is your business about. You also can print it in full color or custom specialized color. Folders is commonly used by photographers, plumbers, mortgage brokers, contractors, attorney, schools, real estate pro, trade companies, colleges, wedding, businesses.

See the their service before you order your pocket folder online or offline and don't forget to ask them when your folder finished.


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