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Sakurai Oliver 496SD

Sakurai Oliver 496SD great offset printing machine with unique A1 size 4 colour printing press, 965 x 640 mm can cover most of major print job in A1/B1 paper size.
With max paper size 965 x 640 mm can print with max image size 955 x 630 mm; plate size 975 x 710 mm with 0.2-0.3 mm thickness. Full automatic function for quick make-ready and for labour saving. That is all standard features for Sakurai Oliver 496SD
Print Speed 4000-16000 iph (impression per hour) is super fast printing. This offset printing machine dimension is 8,945 x 3,297 x 2,144 mm with weight 31.5 ton (approx).
Great Offset Printing Machine for High-End Company.

Water Transfer Printing.

Now the water transfer printing method more popular, especially for Helmet Printing, Mug and other material printing with round shape. Water Transfer Printing is very easy to transfer to other media like helmet, so the process more efficient. Water Transfer Printing also called as curve coating printing (a printing method for print at surface that is not flat) this method overcomes the problem facing offset printing that can't reach the tongued and grooved face and the disadvantage from paying higher expense for the equipment.
Water Transfer Printing process can be applied to surface of the materials such as ceramic, wood, plastic, fiber, stone, hardware, glass, metal, etc. The cost for applied with this method is relative low, while their added value multiples.

Heidelberg Printmaster GTO 52

Offset Printing Machine with Single-Sheet feeder for flexible processing of a wide range of formats and printing stock. Mechanical missing and misaligned sheet control and ultrasonic double-sheet detection for maximum feed reliability. Heidelberg Printmaster GTO 52 use 16 Large roller inking unit for precise ink application. Smooth and precise sheet travel through the entire press for high print quality. Heidelberg Printmaster GTO 52 have Prinect Classic Center for straightforward remote ink and register control.
This is the favourite offset printing machine all around the world.

Tips for Inkjet Printer with CISS

If you have inkjet printer, that so many problem will appear such as, malformed printing result. Cartridge problem. Printer Head problem and other.
This a little tips for Care your CISS inkjet printer.
The ink bottle must be same height with printer.When printing the little hole at bottle ink must be open.When you move your printer to other place, the bottle ink must be closed.When you refill bottle ink, all cover must be open.If printing result is worse. Use Head Cleaning with printer software maintenance.Never leave the bottle ink empty.Never change ink with other brand.

Inkjet Printer + PC

For you who dreaming to makes small business. With your PC and inkjet printer you can makes your dream come true. Yeah, small business printing. Of course you must have skill in a few graphic software programs. Just need PC and inkjet printer. You can start business for photo editing, setting layout, banner design, name card printing, id card printing or other. Let's makes small business, if you skillful you can make small business into giant business.

Large Format Printer

This is the giant printer, using for printing (small quantity) almost all type paper. You can use this printing machine for print banner, flexi, billboard, light box with huge size to small size like a business card. You also can laminate after print, using gloss or matte. This is the answer for printing with low quantity. Not likes offset print, this printer is directly print from your computer. There's two types for this printer 1. For Indoor printing; 2. For Outdoor printing.

Instant Id Card Machine

Here for you who wants makes a little business.
What's your need is just :

PC for designing the product.

Inkjet Printer.

A pack of Instan ID card material. (for 500pcs Id Card)

Lamination Machine

ID Card Pond Machine