Matte Look Printing Result

See the book cover when you buy it. Some of book cover have a matte look right? This make books look elegant and expensive look like. But how to make it?

With laminating machine, you can make your printing result matte look. This machine use heat transfer to make paper and plastic stick together. Because of plastic, this print result will water-resist and so hard to tattered. You need laminating machine and plastic (some use opp plastic) for laminated.

The good news, today some manufacturer build desktop laminating machine, this mean you can make your printing result look matte with your own hand.

Need Promotional Product?

Some of printing company, also accept order for promotional product. But not all kind of promotional product they can made. Printing company just print on it, not made it.

For sample case, you're need a printed promotional bags.

First Option :
Go to, bags vendor. Order it. The bags vendor will made the bags you want. And then vendor will go to printing company to print it. After all process finish, you have a printed promotional bags from a vendor.

Second Option :
Go to printing company. Order it. Printing company will order bags from vendor as your specification. After bags finish, printing company will print on it. And you have a printed promotional bags from a printing company.

There is a cooperation between 2 kind of business. One need each other, but as customers you choose which one you like. And compare the price of course.

Printed Umbrellas

Printed Umbrellas with your company name or logo as advertising campaign is a cheap advertising with massive effect. The printing process for umbrella by screen printing method.

If you buy an umbrella, use your screen trough to an open umbrella and print it on. If not, you must disassembly it first. And umbrella canvas can print on your table. Both method need more skill.

The easy one is direct print in your open umbrella rather than dis-assembly it. Dis-assembly umbrella so hard. In my experience, doing that will make canvas torn.

But if you can't do both of it, I think go to a nearest screen printing company is better.

Heat Laminator

There is 2 kind of laminator machine, first is heat laminator. Heat laminator use heat to make plastic film and paper stick together with thickness up to 32 micron. This kind of laminating machine is used more than cold laminator in offset printing. Heat laminator can cover almost all paper kind with thickness more than 80gsm.
Heat laminator manufactured in many size of width. You choose which one is the best laminating machine.

Cheap Laminating Machine

Internet help me to find cheap laminating machine. In older post, i said i looking for laminator warehouse, now i find it at internet. A website give me a super cheap laminating machine.
I think I will buy some from them. And I have some customers too, profit will comes.
You can find cheap laminating machine here.

Document Laminator

Document laminator is a laminating machine that used for document, this is a small laminating machine. If you buy a laminating machine for your document, you must keep the width of document laminator machine as small as possible. This tips really help you, just because the larger size of document laminator doesn't help you, larger size mean larger problem.
Based some review of people who use document laminator at their home or office, they said :

1. I choose this laminating machine because it is so wide and because it advertised it could laminate 7 mil. The truth is at 5 mil you have to run the item twice and it still sometimes doesn't completely laminate if the item is at all thick (cardstock or photos).
2. Have used this 5x, the first 3x no problems and than it began to eat my documents.
Which was very frustrating, and it smokes. The last straw was when it ate my Flat Pepper, and in frustration, I had to take the machine apart in order to get it out. Easy to take apart and put back together, and get it to work,
Best advice buy a laminator that has a jam release!
3. This new laminator is a good product. It is a lot quieter than the last laminator I had.

2 peoples with problem and just 1people believe this a good product. You need to be a pro-operator to operate wide laminating machine. So, need a document laminator, choose a small one.

Laminator Warehouse, Business Opportunities

Where is Laminator Warehouse? I'm very deep stess searching for this place. As you know, small printing business owner now is looking for laminator machine. This mean a good chance for me to be a laminator machine seller. With profit about 25% - 200% per sales, just a stupid person who missing this opportunities. And as a distributor or seller, I need a cheap laminating machine price to sell it again.
First move, I'm search to printing machine supplier to buy there, but they don't have this stuff. Call my business partner, and still get nothing. So if you know about where is laminator warehouse, please give me an information.

Small Laminating Machine

Small Laminating Machine is a good choice for you, if you often using lamination to your printing result. Small laminating machine wide is 33 cm, full desktop features, save your space with this type of laminating machine.
Features of small laminating machine can heat up to 200 degrees celcius, from 0-200 degrees celcius need time about 5-8 minutes. This machine use a rubber roll to handle press the paper and plastic film together with heat.
Small laminating machine is sheet feed. This mean, if you buy a roll film, you must cut that plastic film to sheet with 33cm wide. If you buy a sheet film, this machine fit to it.
So, if you're often to laminate over photos, cards or other with media width less than 33 cm, this small laminating machine is the answer for you.

Postage Machines

Postage machines or postage meters is a usps approved mailing machine. Function of this postage machines is for printing usps postage directly on a mail piece, such as an envelope. Range of postage machines is from large high production mail shop machine to small desktop device for occasional mailing.
One of digital postage system machine is optimail, who offer customers with features of fully digital, 100% usps-compliant, memory for 9 advertisement, automatic date setting, digital scale interface, semi-automatic feeding, postage resseting via fp teleset, 9 departmental account, incoming time/date stamp. This is a kind of desktop postage machine device.

The optimal digital postage meter system from fp not looks sleek, it is the ideal solution for your office mailing need. Robust features like thermal printing and superior electronics make the optimail a necessary tool to help you save time and money. With speed of up to 27 pieces per minute, you'll enjoy the experience!
Why not just use stamp? Postage printed from a postage machine is faster, more accurate, and more flexible than using stamps. The speed of postage machine is about 17 - 140 mail pieces per minute, both of which faster than applying stamps. Postage machine are more accurate than applying stamp because you c an use easy, digital controls to adjust the postage value according to the actual weight and priority of the mail. Finally, postage meters are more flexible than stamps because they provide option simply not attainable with standard mailbox-drop stamping.
The optimail system with optional accessories 10 lb. flexiscale and space-saving scale stand. With optional scales up to 150 lbs., the optimail can provide us postage rates for packages and provide the option of international rates!
Key advantage of optimail :
Automatic date setting - Eliminates the daily chore of updating the machine date. The optimail automatically does it for you.
Incoming time/date stamp - Mark your company's incoming mail for better tracking of receipt.
Semi-automatic feeding - This convenient features allow you to maximize your tima and increase your productivity.
Thermal transfer printing - No more smearing or messy ink rub-off using the optimail. Thermal transfer printing ensures that the last image will be as crisp and clear as the first. Gets up to 1,600 consistent images per cassette and works on any type of media.
Custom messages - With the push of just one button, every letter you process can print your company name, a product name, or any promotional message using the advanced digital memory feature. Store up to nine advertisements.
Departmental accounting - Monitor your postage expenses in nine areas of your business with this function.
Quick and easy postage reload - teleset, the postage resetting system developed by FP, utilizes direct modem communication from the meter to our secure processing center. Reloading postage with teleset is an automatic process that takes less than one minute on the optimail.
Try this one, and see how fast this postage machines help you to send any document or packages.

Lamination Machines

Lamination Machines used to laminate printed paper with matte film or glossy film to make an effect and give the printed paper strong and glamor looks. Laminating machine is a additional machines for printing company, this machine is just a plus value, except for someone who concentrate in laminating business.
Manufacturer of this machine give their customer a choice of laminating machine size. This size offer for this machine is A4 size, A3 size, 36 cm size, 54 cm size, 60 cm size, 72 cm size, 90 cm size, and 1020 cm size. That size is width of lamination area. Customers can choose which size fit to them.
There is 2 kind of lamination machine based on how they work. First is hot lamination machine, who works with heat to make film stick to paper. And cold lamination machines, this kind usually used with wide format printer to laminate over a digital print result on vinyl sticker or glossy photo paper.
If you still guessing what the different between laminated and no laminated paper, you can buy two kind of maps, a conventional maps and laminated maps. See the different between that two kind of laminating machine.

Card Laminating Machine

Card Laminating Machine or id card laminator is a small lamination machine specially used for making id card or other card. This machine is easy to use. Width size of this machine is usually small.
If you search for card laminating machine, and only use to laminated standard size card, i recommend to you to buy lamination machine with max size is A4.
Why small machine? Because, you can get more profit with less power, less price, less time - small lamination machine is faster than larger to heat up. And if your machine need new parts, the cost of parts replacement is low.
Card laminating machine, that i used can reach 200oC in 2 minutes, the power is 500 watts. But id card laminator type of card laminating machine just use rubber roll, without stainless steel roller, this make this machine and operator work hard to laminated thick paper. That's mean if you buy card laminating machine, you can only use that machine for instant id card production process.

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