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The Offset Printing
Offset printing is the most commonly used printing method today. More than 50% of all printing jobs is using offset printing technique.
Offset printing works with a simple manner. Offset printing uses three cylinder to transfer the printed image to the substrate. First cylinder in offset printing is mounted with offset printing plate. The image on offset printing plate is readable. The first cylinder inked and transfer image onto the rubber blanket (second cylinder). The image in rubber blanket is unreadable. After that image transferred from rubber blanket onto third cylinder or the substrate. Substrate is mounted on the third cylinder or The Impression Cylinder. The image in Impression Cylinder becomes readable again.
Image in offset printing have a unique characteristic, the printed image and non-printed image are on same surface level. The printing method used a chemical process that ink and water not mixed from a single surface level. In fact, offset printing acquired this method from lithography and thus it is often referred to as litho offset printing as well.
The types of offset printing press.
Offset printing have two types. 1. Web-fed offset printing press. This kind offset printing press the printing carried out on a single continous sheet of paper feed from a huge roll paper. The sheet then cut into individual sheet of desired sizes, depend on the order of offset printing. 2. Sheet-fed offset printing press. In this kind offset printing press the printing carried out on single sheet paper as they fed to the press one at a time.
The offset printing process.
The offset printing processs requires a fairly large investment in equipment and set up. But, once infrastructure is in place, offset printing is inexpensive. Many things to know about offset printing process from creating the artwork for offset printing to the operating the offset printing machine press and binding.
Application of offset printing
Offset printing invades every aspect of our lives from influencing education through the printing of books and other reading material to the packaging industry by creative printing of packages for consumer goods. The many application of offset printing would be difficult to put down but suffice to say that the world would be a much less fun place to live in without offset printing. For example, you never read magazine or newspaper, if offset printing industry never been founded. Thus, offset printing is the printing technique that has made magazine possible, books affordable and marketing and promotion for many industry.


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